A downloadable game for Windows

Geometric Riot! is a fast-pace, Geometry Wars-inspired Shoot-Em-Up style game where the point is to put down the insurrectionist shapes and survive for as long as you can. It's built in Lua with the LOVE2D engine.

Finally, It's launched. I'll still work on small things like bug-fixing, but I consider it just about complete.

With the new enemy, Geometric trash, surviving just became a whole lot harder. Be careful not to crash when they change directions! The enemy & trash speed also steadily gets higher the more time passes, So Good luck!

Unfortunately, I can't throw up any screenshots because Love doesn't like capturing while fullscreened. Sorry about that!

Check me out on Twitter for more game-dev progress if you're interested! (https://twitter.com/Ty_163)


Release 0.01: Released June 1st, 2015

Added: Geometric Trash, Music, Random enemy/trash spawns, Increasing difficulty.

Alpha 0.02: Released May 17th, 2015


Scorekeeping, Life counter, Title & Game Over screens, Restarting, & the ability to lose.

Alpha 0.01 : Released May 1st, 2015

Game launched~

Install instructions

To play Geometric Riot!, all you have to do is extract the .zip to a folder & run the .exe.

~IMPORTANT~ EVERYTHING has to be extracted in order for the .exe to work!

I'm working on distributing for alternate OS's, But Love2D doesn't have a good system for non-Windows compiling.


WASD to move

LMB to shoot

Enter to play/replay

Esc to quit.


Geometric Riot!.zip 7 MB